Random salad

I look at this pic now and think I could almost have called this salad a rainbow salad – it has so many colours in it.

It came from a desire for a) a craving for health and all sorts of vegies, and b) to not leave the house, therefore must be made out of fridge contents. My ‘whatever’s in the fridge salad’ began with the fact I had edamame beans in the freezer. Then it grew from there.

I wouldn’t call this a recipe – it’s more of a list.


Edamame beans (cooked, cooled & de-podded – I used a whole 400g bag)
Steamed yellow squash (2 or 3), cooled and sliced thinly
1 or 2 carrots - julienned
1/4 red cabbage - sliced very thinly (mandolin or by hand)
1/2 cucumber – chopped into pieces (I used small cucumbers and kept the skin on)
Coriander, parsley or whatever herbs you like, roughly chopped

Dressing (also a bit free form – adjust to suit your taste)

Tamari – about a tbspn
Tahini - about a tbspn
Lemon juice – from around half a lemon or to taste
Olive oil – coupla tbspns
Japanese pepper (from Japanese supermarkets) sprinkled over the top (or crushed up chilli flakes)

What to do

Chop everything up the way you like it. Mix it all up in a big bowl – the way you like it. Whisk all the salad ingredients together. Then find a big plate or platter – salads look good on a platter I think. So plate her up. Dig in.

Whatever's in the fridge salad Rainbow

A beautiful stormy rainbow – Queensland style.