I was lucky enough to visit Berry last month, a beautiful town south of Sydney. I do love my city, but like most, I also love getting away now and again. The air is crisp and clean there, and there’s a beautiful stillness that you don’t get in urban areas. No traffic sounds or white noise. Our phones and various devices only worked if you stood in certain, random areas of the property (and clicked your heels 3 times and made a wish). And space. Lots of it. We spent the time with some of our best mates cooking, playing, drinking, running, not much sleeping, chatting and just enjoying each other’s company. And I got the chance to see some very missed Sydney friends who now live there. It was a very special weekend in many ways. Here’s some of Berry’s beauty….

Lavender early morningSunriseSunriseMorning sunSnake skinStrawberry plantsBlue sky. Lots of it.In the herb garden