After eating without thinking for four decades, suddenly the word Coeliac entered my life, which in turn brought two other words. Gluten. Free. This blog tracks my personal food journey and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.
Just Stuff


I’ve had a lingering cold and got desperate enough to start hitting up the cold & flu tablets. I happened to mention it in passing to my Mum. She said “you know some kinds have got gluten in them, don’t you….”. Um. I didn’t. I didn’t check – and it turned out the type I was...READ ON»
Doing a runner....

Doing a runner….

21.1kms of endurance…mental and physical. Yep the Sydney half marathon was on over the weekend. If you were in it (I wasn’t) – give yourself a massive bowl of lemon delicious as you deserve it. Or a steak. That’s what I ate after the City to Surf last year. Steak and chips and a glass...READ ON»
Mother's Day breakfast - the report.

Mother’s Day breakfast – the report.

This is a retrospective post – rather than a new recipe. I’m reporting back on Mother’s Day. Turns out my bloke read my post and got himself organised. Off he went to the shops to procure all the goods, and followed the ingredients to the letter (including NOT getting the green box. I’ve learnt from...READ ON»
Just because.

Just because.

I shoot a lot of photos. Probably every second day I’m shooting something. Here’s a collection of some of my recent shots. They’re not about food. They’re about just stuff. No reason. Just because.READ ON»
The Gluten Free Expo - book it in

The Gluten Free Expo – book it in

This has got to be an expo of love. Love of food you can eat without getting sick. Love of being around a like minded group of individuals. The potential love of finding a new product or person that will make gluten free life easier. Sure it’s not Woodstock, but hey – think of the...READ ON»