After eating without thinking for four decades, suddenly the word Coeliac entered my life, which in turn brought two other words. Gluten. Free. This blog tracks my personal food journey and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.
Gluten free bread from the Healthy Chef

Gluten free bread from the Healthy Chef

A friend got me onto a fantastic site recently. It’s called The Healthy Chef, by Teresa Cutter. It’s now in my top ten favourite list, and I am cooking my way through her healthy and extremely tasty recipes. Last week I cooked her gluten free bread, which is predominantly made with quinoa and chia seeds....READ ON»
A whatever's in the fridge salad

A whatever’s in the fridge salad

I look at this pic now and think I could almost have called this salad a rainbow salad – it has so many colours in it. It came from a desire for a) a craving for health and all sorts of vegies, and b) to not leave the house, therefore must be made out of fridge...READ ON»
Chicken pie

Chicken pie

Chicken pie oh how I’ve missed thee…. I’ve missed it because I’ve (incorrectly) put ready rolled gluten free pastry in the ‘too hard to source’ basket. Like gluten free wraps, but that’s another post. Well turns out it wasn’t too hard after all. I decided to make a chicken pie on the weekend, in attempt...READ ON»
Paella - my favourite on holidays

Paella – my favourite on holidays

This is the recipe I make when I head north, up the coast for a break with my buddies. There is a fair bit of preparation involved, which is why it’s good to make this on a holiday where you aren’t under the usual weeknight dinner pressures. I also find it’s best made near an...READ ON»
Passionfood - beautiful GF food, home delivered

Passionfood – beautiful GF food, home delivered

Now this is a pavlova made with love. Just look at it. It screams love – and gluten free love at that. It’s been lovingly baked and prepared by the queen of culinary love, Sara Green of Passionfood (scroll down for her recipe). When I was first diagnosed with Coeliac disease, one of my good...READ ON»