After eating without thinking for four decades, suddenly the word Coeliac entered my life, which in turn brought two other words. Gluten. Free. This blog tracks my personal food journey and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.
Sunday night dinner - chicken risotto

Sunday night dinner – chicken risotto

In our house Sunday night is an ideal night to attempt to get everyone eating the same thing, at the same time. It’s also a night I like to experiment with food, and try new things out from all the cooking blogs and mags and books I’ve been devouring during the week. All good in...READ ON»
Things I'm cooking. And loving.

Things I’m cooking. And loving.

I’m just welcoming myself back to my blog, after some thinking time away. There’s been lots of cooking, lots of photography, lots of learning and lots of eating going on. Hopefully I can share some of the new discoveries with you. In the interim, here’s some of my recent favourite recipes, from some of my...READ ON»
Cannellini beans - on the side

Cannellini beans – on the side

This was one half of our dinner last night. The other half were pork chops, but I think we over-cooked them. So this post is just about the half that worked – the cannellini bean half. These beautiful beans are cooked up with capsicum and spinach, and are a great accompaniment to meat. They’d be very...READ ON»
Brown rice farina

Brown rice farina

Some mornings feel like porridge mornings. Even in summer I find I crave a porridge now and again, in between my savoury brown rice creations or congee. Recently I stumbled across brown rice farina cereal – which is milled brown rice, that gets cooked up and served hot. Very porridge like. I used a Bob’s Red...READ ON»
Chicken or beef?

Chicken or beef?

Yes I was the hostess with the mostess when I offered not one but TWO choices at dinner time. Highly unusual, and even more unusual, this recipe was eaten by our entire family. Everyone liked it, everyone ate it. It’s quite an exciting find. There are a couple of parts to it, both with Korean...READ ON»