If I didn’t eat brekkie, my world would fall apart. Actually that’s a bit dramatic. Without COFFEE my world would fall apart, but I could probably last without food until about 9.30am before turning into the wicked witch of the east. I do love making my own gluten free, healthy, non-brekky like concoctions (ie; congee, brown rice, soup, chilli on toast etc etc) at home after exercising, but even more I love going out and eating. At least then I get to sit down. These are the top five brekkies I’ve had so far in 2011.

In no particular order.

A beautiful loaf of bread from Healthy Feast

A squishy bread roll: from Healthy Feast Bakery at the Entertainment Quarter Markets (Wednesdays and Saturday mornings). Back in my gluten days that would hardly sound enticing. But now I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. Healthy Feast are based in Leichhardt, and make the most beautiful gluten free breads and cakes you can imagine. I was so so hungry – it was brekky time and I found myself staring at a bread roll. No butter, no anything. Just a gorgeous, squishy roll. They have outlets all over the place so just visit their website to see where to buy. Apparently their samosas are great too, but I’ve yet to try them. They sound like my idea of a perfect breakfast.

Rice porridge: at M Deli in Tamarama. Perfect for a cold morning, or after a massive painful run, this is a hot, delicious mix of rice, nuts and seedy things all cooked up. Best served with poached rhubarb and thick natural yoghurt. Beautiful. I was full for hours and hours afterwards.

Scrambled eggs: at bills in Woollahra. bills eggs are the stuff of legends. You MUST eat them if you haven’t done so many times already. Having a brekky like this once in a while is simply special. Gluten free toast available. And very good coffee to swish it all down with.

Poached eggs: at Bellagio in Bronte. I go here regularly now, often with a very large group of very cool chicks. Every week they manage to get my eggs perfectly cooked, with GREAT gluten free bread. Sliced fresh tomato on the side finishes it all off.

Steve & Trevor’s special: at the Hobbit in Bondi. Steve and Trevor are 2 locals that frequented the Hobbit enough to have their own brekky named after them (one day I would love to have a brekky named after me. I do have something named after me though – a very very cool pair of sunglasses). Back to the brekky. It’s a gorgeous, healthy mix of eggs (the original is egg white only but I like the yellow bit too), spinach, ham, tomatoes, onions and mushies all fried up together. When I first went gluten free I used to bring my own bread, and Sharon would toast it up for me. But now I actually prefer it without. Serve with lots of tabasco, all yer salty old mates and salty skin after a swim. Perfection.

Can anyone help me decide where to eat next. Where’s a great gluten free breakfast to be found….I’m still hungry.