Friday nights are kid nights in our household (unless of course the adults re-neg on our deal and go out). The kids choose a movie to watch and nominate their desired (but approved – 5 chocolate biscuits won’t cut it) dinner of choice. Often I suggest pizza – as it’s something we can all eat. Well – the gluten free variety.

We are lucky that we live in an area that delivers many good quality gluten free pizza options. There’s at least 3 within 10 minutes of us – maybe more.

But we love just hanging out in the kitchen on Friday nights – cooking doesn’t seem like a chore. Just enjoying the time with our people – catching up after a long week.

I’ve been experimenting with different pizza mixes – either making my own from scratch, or from a prepared mix. I don’t think I’ve cracked it yet – but I’m making good progress. I have a pizza oven that I love using – it just gives pizza the right texture and taste. However this recipe uses a conventional oven – as it’s runny and goey dough as opposed to stretchy, non-gooey dough. Which is fine – just a different way of doing it.


The end result. Pizza perfection. Proscuitto & basil.


So this pizza was made outta a box. Not a Domino’s box, but a box of from a range of products called ‘Easy Baker’s’ by Laucke Flour. They’re an Australian business who have been around for over 100 years. Available from Coles and I’m sure many other health food shops and supermarkets. This particular formula can be used for bread, cakes, pancakes, pizza bases, rolls, tortillas, batters and lunch wraps. Wow. I’ve only tried the pizza – which worked very well. Don’t smell the mix as you are preparing it – it’s not great and may put you off. Persevere – it’s worth it.

pizza ready to rise

Here’s the smooshy, runny dough – waiting to rise. It won’t rise dramatically – but it will rise.

Basil & proscuitto


1 x box Easy Baker’s gluten free mix
Thinly sliced proscuitto - half a dozen slices
Buffalo mozzarella – sliced
Mint leaves - pick off some small leaves – keep intact, don’t chop up
Chilli flakes
Basil - handful of leaves, torn (not chopped)
Tomato sauce – a few tablespoons per pizza

What to do

Dough head: Crank up the oven, and mix up the pizza dough as per the box instructions. Do not smell the mix. I repeat do not smell the mix. I used baking paper to put mine on – was very easy to get off after cooking. After mixing and rising, then they go off in the oven to cook.

Get on top: OK so pizza toppings are personal. One of my faves is this one, inspired by Pete Evans. Once the bases are cooked, then put onto an oven proof tray, and spread a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce evenly over the base. Add proscuitto slices, and discs of buffalo mozzarella.

The Baroness

The mighty Chef Baroness oven. She’s not pretty, but she’s good.

hot pizza

The finished pizza, straight out of the Baroness.