mother's day

This is a retrospective post – rather than a new recipe. I’m reporting back on Mother’s Day. Turns out my bloke read my post and got himself organised. Off he went to the shops to procure all the goods, and followed the ingredients to the letter (including NOT getting the green box. I’ve learnt from this and next time won’t provide an out option).

Back to food. This time the pancakes (ok blinis if you want to be fancy) were from the Macro range. And they were really good also. They were the standard pancake mix, so a touch sweeter resulting in the kids liking them more.

I had the perfect mother’s day. Thanks team.

mother's day breakfast

My beautiful smiley face breakfast and very special cards.

In the garden

A blowy flower in the weed garden.

soft sand pain

Running off the pancakes, getting ready for the soft sand challenge.


There really are a lot of weeds in our *ahem* garden.

Small footsies

Favourite shoes and anklets.


Nothing like running around an empty beach to make you feel wild and free….