A bowl. A flower.

Mother’s Day. I love my mum. I also love being a mum to my girls. They are just getting old enough now to fully grasp the concept of doing good stuff for yer mum on this particular day of the year. I’m not certain their heartfelt offerings will extend to cooking brekky, but here’s a suggestion for those junior masterchefs (or Dad’s) out there:

A hug and a kiss
A flower
A glass of champagne
A juice (tomato would be my preference if Dad is reading)
A beautiful coffee (long black please)
Blinis with smoked salmon (recipe below)
Eggs (scrambled would be nice)
The newspapers
A green box (TK I’m joking ok)

A mother's day dahlia DahliasSmoked salmon blinis


This is a bit of a cheat’s recipe. I had fully intended on doing my research and making these from scratch. But I ran out of time and instead used a packet mix. Specifically, the Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix, and thought it was very good. The quantities are going to be vague here – as I only used about half the mix.


Box pancake mix
Very fresh slices of smoked salmon
Cream cheese
Sprigs of dill
Bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice

What to do

Make up the pancake mix as per the box instructions. Heat up an oiled large frying pan. Put a couple of level tablespoons of the mixture in to cook in batches, until they’re golden brown. Leave them to cool on a wire rack.

Once they’ve cooled down, spread some cream cheese on each one, and top with a slice of smoked salmon, and a small sprig of dill. Normally I love piling on the herbs, but less dill is more here. It’s a visual thing, as well as a subtle taste thing. If you like – add a very small squeeze of lemon. Too much and you’ll have a soggy pancake.

Kick back, get crumbs in the bed and read the papers. It’s your moment. Happy Mother’s Day.