Choc chip

And these biscuits are some of those good ones. I found them by accident during a trip to the doctors.

To me they don’t taste gluten free at all.

They’re made by a company called Jen’s Handmade Cookies. They started out in 1991, making their cookies out of someone’s kitchen. The business has now grown to produce 40,000 cookies a day, based out of a commercial kitchen in Brisbane. All Australian owned, and very very yummy.


Choc chip. I sampled many of these to ensure they were ok.

Cheese & macadamia

Cheese & macadamia nut savoury dippers. These are unreal. My personal favourite. Really crisp and highly addictive.

You can buy these online at Jen’s Cookies, or have a look on their retailers listing on their website.

As much as I love cooking, I’m pretty excited to have found a bikkie supply like this that doesn’t involve me making them.