After eating without thinking for four decades, suddenly the word Coeliac entered my life, which in turn brought two other words. Gluten. Free. This blog tracks my personal food journey and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.
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Brown rice farina

Brown rice farina

Some mornings feel like porridge mornings. Even in summer I find I crave a porridge now and again, in between my savoury brown rice creations or congee. Recently I stumbled across brown rice farina cereal – which is milled brown rice, that gets cooked up and served hot. Very porridge...READ ON»
Brown rice for breakfast

Brown rice for breakfast

After nearly 2 years of being on the Coeliac diet, I’ve nearly accepted life without sour dough and vegemite for breakfast. I say nearly – as the craving isn’t quite gone. It may never completely go, but what helps keep the craving at bay, is – bizarrely – brown rice....READ ON»
Brown rice congee - a great breakfast

Brown rice congee – a great breakfast

Since my Coeliac diagnosis, I’ve become a brown rice convert. Which I’m quite happy about, as I tried for years to like it, and failed. I’m a bit behind the eight-ball, as many of my mates have been eating it for years. Somehow my brown rice liking gene has become activated,...READ ON»
Mother's Day breakfast - the report.

Mother’s Day breakfast – the report.

This is a retrospective post – rather than a new recipe. I’m reporting back on Mother’s Day. Turns out my bloke read my post and got himself organised. Off he went to the shops to procure all the goods, and followed the ingredients to the letter (including NOT getting the...READ ON»
Mother's Day breakfast

Mother’s Day breakfast

Mother’s Day. I love my mum. I also love being a mum to my girls. They are just getting old enough now to fully grasp the concept of doing good stuff for yer mum on this particular day of the year. I’m not certain their heartfelt offerings will extend to cooking...READ ON»