After eating without thinking for four decades, suddenly the word Coeliac entered my life, which in turn brought two other words. Gluten. Free. This blog tracks my personal food journey and experiences. I hope you enjoy it.
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Paella - my favourite on holidays

Paella – my favourite on holidays

This is the recipe I make when I head north, up the coast for a break with my buddies. There is a fair bit of preparation involved, which is why it’s good to make this on a holiday where you aren’t under the usual weeknight dinner pressures. I also find...READ ON»
Chicken or beef?

Chicken or beef?

Yes I was the hostess with the mostess when I offered not one but TWO choices at dinner time. Highly unusual, and even more unusual, this recipe was eaten by our entire family. Everyone liked it, everyone ate it. It’s quite an exciting find. There are a couple of parts...READ ON»
Firestarter - a bowl of chilli

Firestarter – a bowl of chilli

Sometimes a bowl of hot chilli is just what’s needed when the cold won’t stop and the Jetmasters are burning. Well if I had a Jetmaster it would be burning. Or a real fire. That’s the ultimate. This chilli will get your insides warm whilst you find a heat source...READ ON»
Lamb roast - but not as you know it

Lamb roast – but not as you know it

Well the sun was shining a little bit today…I can still see a sliver of blue sky trying to get out. So quickly – whilst there’s a break in the rain, head out and buy a leg of lamb. It is the perfect weekend meal. I cooked this yesterday and...READ ON»
Cold + rain + wind = lamb shanks

Cold + rain + wind = lamb shanks

Often when the weather combination dials up cold + rain + wind, I seek out lamb shanks. If you live in Sydney, that’s pretty well been your weather forecast this week, so you may require some lamb shanks to go with it. This is the second lamb shank recipe posted...READ ON»