Edamame beans

I rediscovered Edamame beans one night with my wonderful friend Katie. We were enjoying a glass of red at a favourite local tiny hole in the wall bar one night and got hungry. It was a fantastic bar snack type menu – but with lots of gluten lurking around. But….amongst the gluten there were Edamame beans. So we ordered a serve and they completely hit the spot. I’m not sure they would be matched with a glass with a glass of red in Japanese restaurants, but it worked for us.

So. The Japanese name of Edamame means “twig bean” (I’m going to call someone that one day), and they are the young soybean cropped with it’s twig. The most common and simple way to prepare Edamame beans is with salt as a flavouring. Sea salt.

Edamame beans

There’s something theraputic about popping the beans out of their pods. A bit of effort makes it all taste better I think.

Typically they are available as a frozen product in bags, however I understand you can get them fresh. I’ve yet to find them, and actually have little desire to hunt the fresh ones down as the frozen ones are so nice and quick to prepare.

I get mine from Japanese supermarkets, Asian grocery stores and Harris Farm (Sydney metro).

Edamame beans


Bag(s) of frozen edamame beans (one bag is good for 2 – 3 people as a starter)
Sea salt (Maldon is good)

What to do

Put the beans into boiling water and cook as per the instructions on the packet. The ones I use take about 2 – 3 minutes. Drain, let them cool a bit and sprinkle with sea salt.

Well that’s brief. But you’re done. Get the wine organised and start popping.