Bondi Farmers Market

…to buy a fat pig. Well not exactly. I wasn’t looking for bacon, I wasn’t really looking for anything. I was just looking. I was at the Bondi Farmer’s Markets, which are a relatively new thing for Bondi. They opened on April 30, and now trade every Saturday from 9am – 1pm. They’re housed in the Bondi Beach Public School, the same place where the Bondi Markets are on Sundays.

I didn’t have a shopping list – I was just wandering around, checking out what’s on offer. But then – chicks do like a market. Blokes tend to say they’re busy if you suggest a visit. Well maybe I’m generalising a little. SOME blokes say that. My bloke says that.

GreeneryMore vegies

So what is on offer. Lots of great looking fruit & vegies (some organic some not), heaps of organic meats & chook, flowers, fish (including soups from the One That Got Away), lotsa cheeses, olive oil, vino, spices, bread & pizzas (couldn’t find any gluten free bread or pizza options – I may well have missed them), muffins/brownies/cakes/sweet treats (yep some gluten free – check out the Addiction Food stand – I tasted their brownies and they were beautiful), chocolates (there’s a gluten free one there from Jiradan Organics), coffee and beautiful looking teas.

If you did have a shopping list for a Saturday night dinner, this would be a great place to do it. You’re in the fresh air, hopefully with a good coffee, listening to guitar that makes you want to just sit on the grass with a glass of red and look all art school (I only say this as I went to art school). And there are lots of folks just hangin’ around on the grass – eating their purchases or just crowd watching. Actually it’s highly unlikely you’d find glasses of red in Bondi at 11am on Saturday morning – as you are in 2026 – the postcode of health and fitness.

So I’d recommend popping in for a wander if you’re in the Bondi hood.  Particularly if you want some gluten free sweet treats and don’t really feel like cooking them. They aren’t a big market – but I suspect one that could grow with time. Great for kids – the school’s playground is within the market grounds so after you drag them around everywhere, you can give them a snack and let them run it off. And of course the beach is right across the road – so makes for highly scenic shopping.

addiction foods

addiction foods

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