Having gluten free mates over for a meal can be challenging. I mean it’s hard enough to organise a menu, cook AND keep the house in some sort of vague order, let alone research and understand gluten free options. I don’t like feeling like I am a burden to my mates when they are faced with what to feed me. For the first year of my new Coeliac life, I didn’t really speak up much about it, as I didn’t want to seem needy or picky. Which is actually a bit selfish, as people go to lots of trouble to cook for you. And often I’d just plain forget, until a few minutes before arriving at a dinner. Other than being not very cool, you also end up being quite hungry.

I still find coming up with simple gluten free dessert ideas to be a challenge. As do my mates. So this recipe is a good one to have up your sleeves. It’s easy, fast and tastes unreal (thanks Jamie for the execution, and Nicky for the brains).
Meringue & berries by Jamie

A dodgy iPhone shot – and it still looks great.


Meringue shells (packet job). One or two each – depending on hunger and sweet-tooth levels.
Fresh berries – strawbs, raspberries & blueberries are all good.
Vanilla yoghurt (or marscapone or whipped cream if you want to up the sugar factor)
Chocolate pieces for garnish (optional)

What to do

Get the meringue shell. Fill it with yoghurt. Cover with berries (artistically). Add chockie (if using).

Get back to your conversation.